Bakers struggle to raise the price of common bread

QUITO, Ecuador Today, since 10:00, bakers of several provinces will concentrate on the headquarters of the Coordinator Ministry of Production to insist on the price increase of common bread. Despite the persistent  claim, the regime has officially confirmed that the cost stays at...

Price of bread remains in uncertainty

Agriculture Minister, Javier Ponce, said that in Guayaquil it will not be approved an increase in the price of bread, but despite his claim, in bakeries the reality is different, since in some, the common bread is sold at $ 0.15. The representatives of the National Federation of...

Common Bread Price Rises to $ 0.15

As it had been warned in recent days, the increase in the price of common bread, is beginning to realize. Yesterday morning, several bakeries in Guayaquil raised the price of this product from $ 0.12 to $ 0.15. (MZ)

Bakers keep the price of common bread at $ 0.12

The government announced, after a three and a half hours metting with members of the National Federation of Bakers (FENAPAN for its Spanish acronym) at the Ministry of Agriculture, that the price of common bread is going to remain at $ 0.12 until further notice. The announcement...

Bakers asks Price Increases

QUITO, Ecuador The National Federation of Bakers (Fenapan for its Spanish acronym) today gave a warning about an  imminent increase in the price of common bread. Fenapan president, Pedro Miranda, said the institution’s  aspiration is that the price of common bread rises from $...

Price of Butter and Sugar Raises

Products such as butter, sugar and yeast, required for making bread, recorded a price increase of up to 15% this week. The situation worries the bakers because the wheat quintal price also increased this week. Representatives of the union argues that the profit margin has...

The Price of Flour Increases in Ecuador

The bread-producing sector is concerned for the increase on the price of the quintal of flour. As of last Monday the new price is $42, a week ago the quintal of flour was worth $37. Nicolas Lara, the president of the Bakers Union of Guayaquil, stated that milling companies...