EnchufeTV: “Vamos de Locas (¿Quién Dice?)”

There aren’t a political, or religious group. EnchufeTV only seeks to achieve quality in every one of its sketches, and they succeed. That’s why they generate more than 500,000 daily visits on YouTube.  The video of this week: “Vamos de Locas (¿Quién Dice?)”  ...

EnchufeTV: “Expectation vs Reality: Christmas”

EnchufeTV also wishes you a Happy Holidays!!!   The video of this week: “Expectation vs Reality: Christmas”
Enchufe TV

EnchufeTV: “Girlfriends Reunion”

They are bringing us high quality humor, and in addition, it’s 100% original. Thanks EnchufeTV!   The video of this week: “Reunión de amigas” (Girlfriends Reunion)
Fin del mundo

EnchufeTV: “Fin del Mundo” (El Último Hombre)

Irreverent, anarchist, crude, native, or whatever you want to qualify them; EnchufeTV do what they do best: Comedy   The video of this week: “Fin del Mundo -El Último Hombre-” (End of the world- The last Man-)

EnchufeTV: “La Cita”

EnchufeTV doesn’t sell advertising, and for the moment they are not looking for it. They just want to do comedy based in weekly sketches.   The video of this week: “La Cita” (The Date)

The Hilarious Reality of EnchufeTV

Several Ecuadorian talents join to be criticized. After continually complain and criticize the “mediocre” audiovisual productions in Ecuador, a group of young filmmakers from Quito decided to create EnchufeTV, with the expectation of “see what happens”. Over a...