Government signed 905 agreements to promote the national production

“We have contributed positively to the balance of payments with $ 1,760 million in September.” This is the result of the agreements reached by the regime with the private sector after the implementation of Resolution 116, according to the Minister of Industry, Ramiro...

EnchufeTV: “Vamos de Locas (¿Quién Dice?)”

There aren’t a political, or religious group. EnchufeTV only seeks to achieve quality in every one of its sketches, and they succeed. That’s why they generate more than 500,000 daily visits on YouTube.  The video of this week: “Vamos de Locas (¿Quién Dice?)”  ...

EnchufeTV: “Expectation vs Reality: Christmas”

EnchufeTV also wishes you a Happy Holidays!!!   The video of this week: “Expectation vs Reality: Christmas”