2,313 dengue cases on this year

Only in the first nine weeks of 2013, the Ministry of Health confirmed that in the country there have been 2,313 cases of dengue, divided into no warning signs dengue (2,143 cases), dengue with warning signs (153) and severe or hemorrhagic dengue (17). So far five people are...
Aumenta el número de víctimas en Ecuador

The number of people affected by rains increases

Members of the police of Progress district, moved yesterday from 04:30 to the neighborhoods La Fortuna and El Arbolito, Posorja parish, which belongs to the canton of Guayaquil, where residents alerted about the overflow of an arm of the Salado sea branch , which flooded 10...
Posted On 07 Mar 2013
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First rains in Guayaquil

Without the presence of the classic crickets announcing the arrival of the rainy season in Guayaquil, it seems that it has already started, since it has been raining persistently from Sunday morning until dawn today, even in some sectors it was reported that it reached downpour...

Guayaquil endured slight drizzle

Yesterday, a sudden rain surprised the inhabitants of Guayaquil, although the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (INAMHI for its Spanish acronym) announced that the rain cycle culminated in the coastal region last June. However, it should be noted that an early rainy...