Spain is leading group I after beating France

Never in history the world champion has not been able to defend its title. Spain was obligated to beat France in Paris and they did it. A great goal from Pedro met resolved a rough game, extremely tactical and well played by Spain in a demanding environment. Spain, also becomes...
Posted On 27 Mar 2013
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Spain for first place in Group 1

Francia espera con toda la tranquilidad a España. Han estudiado al milímetro a los jugadores de Del Bosque y Deschamps piensa aprovechar al máximo las pequeñas flaquezas españolas. France awaits very relaxed and calm the Spanish team. They have studied to the millimeter the...
Posted On 26 Mar 2013
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Villa makes Finland shake

The ‘Guaje’ David Villa enjoyed every minute of his return to the stadium where he was born as a soccer player. At the training of the Spanish team in El Molinon became a tribute to Villa. Fans continuously arrived  the stadium since the training of Finland concluded,...
Posted On 22 Mar 2013
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Mourinho accuses FIFA of irregularities in the election of Del Bosque

The DT of the Real Madrid, the Portuguese José Mourinho, in an interview in the RTP of his country, expressed his disagreement with the choice of best coach of the year by FIFA. “I’m not sorry for not going, at all. One, two or three people called me to tell me that...
Posted On 20 Mar 2013
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