Burgers, pizzas, chicken, typical food and grill are the most requested by restaurants through delivery applications, according to the top 5 made by Rappi.

Rappi made the top 5 of several categories and thus identified what Ecuadorians consume the most through this application.

This application highlights the growth in internet access in Ecuador and that consumers lost their fear of requesting basic necessities, through one click. “Thus, the vertical ‘Supermarket’ that is within the Latin American Super App, is one of the most visited by users, where meats, snacks, as well as fruits and vegetables are the most requested products.

This is the top 5 of mass consumption in Ecuador and what is most consumed in those categories:

  • Supermarkets: meats, snacks and fruits and vegetables.
  • Express: snacks, sodas and water, and fruits and vegetables.
  • Liquors: wines and beers
  • Pharmacies: digestive health, sexual health and formulas and foods.
  • Pets: dog food, cat food and cat litter

The categories that move the most are:

  • Home: hardware, lighting and organizers.
  • Technology: accessories, chargers, headphones and storage devices.
  • Health and beauty: makeup, hair care and fragrances.
  • Gifts: accessories, toys and balloons.
  • Toys: toys, board games and dolls and stuffed animals.

This platform cites data from the Ecuadorian Chamber of Electronic Commerce that estimates that at the national level this industry will grow 50% more in the remainder of 2021 in contrast to the 2.3 billion users in 2020. And that is equivalent to more than double the number of buyers. online, as well as from businesses offering their products and services through various non-face-to-face channels.

And in line with that expansion, Rappi is targeting two new services in Ecuador for the first half of 2022. Turbo, which will be delivered in less than 10 minutes. And Rappi Travel, so that Ecuadorians reach the places they like the most.

These are innovations that this platform that operates in Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta, Ambato, Machala, Santo Domingo, Portoviejo and Salinas is betting on. It has more than a million users who have downloaded the application and more than 4,500 commercial establishments. (I)