Foreign investors have a better perspective on Ecuador as a mining destination. According to the Fraser survey that qualifies 84 mining jurisdictions (states and countries) worldwide, in 2021, Ecuador’s score grew 14.94 points compared to 2020, as one of the most attractive countries for investors in the world. mining sector.

Last month, Xavier Vera Grunauer (c), Vice Minister of Mines, together with local authorities and the Lowell company, visited the Warints community, in the Limón Indanza canton of the province of Morona Santiago, where The Warintza Project is developed by the Canadian company Solaris Resources Inc. and its local subsidiary Lowell Mineral Exploration Ecuador S.A.

According to these statistics, which are the result of the annual survey of the Fraser Institute of Canada, the country is ranked 24th among 84 mining jurisdictions, with a score of 72.79 out of 100 compared to 57.95 that it reached in 2020 .

The survey was conducted among 2,200 people internationally, mostly presidents of companies related to the mining sector, between August 23 and November 19, 2021 and measures the political perception and mining potential of a country, which which influences foreign investment.

For the Minister of Energy and Mines, Juan Carlos Bermeo Calderón: “These historical results show the positive perception that the international community has of the country. As the Government of the Meeting, we are taking firm steps to attract investment to Ecuador, which is necessary to strengthen the economy”, he highlighted.

According to the Government, the policies implemented with the issuance of Decree 151, which promote the responsible, efficient and transparent mining sector, and in turn, guarantee legal security for investments and therefore make it more attractive.

Meanwhile, according to the Vice Minister of Mines, Xavier Vera Grunauer: “The high price of commodities, as well as the great exploration opportunities that exist in Ecuador (only 10% of the territory has been explored) increase the attraction of mining investors. ”.

The Canadian Fraser Center for Studies is an informational and educational organization charged with researching how state policies encourage mining investment.

In addition, it assesses how mineral endowments and public policy factors, as well as taxes and regulatory uncertainty, influence investment in exploration.

The National Government, through the Ministry of Energy and Mines, promotes institutional strengthening, tax, legal, administrative stability and its adherence to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), which projects Ecuador as an attractive mining country for investors.