Although he confirmed that the United States Embassy has not provided the information requested on the “narcogenerals”, on the morning of this Tuesday, December 21, President Guillermo Lasso assured that Ambassador Michael Fitzpatrick refers to the generals who were recently retired in this year of the National Police.

President Guillermo Lasso referred to the case of the “narcogenerals” on the morning of this Tuesday, December 21.

“I want to be very categorical, I understand the statements of the American ambassador, as specific statements to a number of generals who have recently retired from the National Police, they do not refer to the current generals of the National Police, therefore, they do not there should be no uncertainty or concern that the high command of the police has (been) penetrated (by) drug trafficking, no, the statement of the American ambassador refers to generals who were recently retired from the National Police this year ”, he emphasized the mandatary.

Through Executive Decree 146, in August of this year, President Lasso dismissed General Pablo Rodríguez, Inspector General of the Police; Édgar Correa, director of Social Welfare; Paulo Terán, director of comprehensive health care; and Víctor Araus , Chief Financial Officer of the Police.

‘Narcogenerales’ case: 19 generals of the National Police put their positions at the disposal of President Guillermo Lasso

The United States Embassy withdrew Araus’s visa last week, days after the ambassador of that country declared that there are “narcogenerals” in Ecuador whose visas are already being withdrawn and a criminal judge issued a favorable opinion. so that the four generals return to their functions.

This last judicial decision was appealed by the Presidency, the Ministry of Government and the Police and now the Provincial Court of Pichincha is the one that must resolve. Meanwhile, the four generals are on duty.

Lasso concluded the issue by noting that the generals of the high command have had a “dignified attitude”, since they have lifted the secrecy of their accounts and have requested investigations. (I)