Pagar e $ Fácil was launched in Guayaquil in July 2020, with the idea of ​​opening the borders to entrepreneurs offering a solution to the problems of collections or remote payments in Ecuador. It was so accepted that the business vision evolved and began to develop technologies that allow voice-activated charges, an inclusive methodology for blind people who carry out financial processes, as well as operations within platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram, without leaving them.

This digital tool provides a great online contribution to small and medium entrepreneurs who do not have access to traditional means of payment.

The innovative proposal made Pagar e $ Fácil be awarded by the Municipality of Guayaquil thanks to its important contribution in favor of thousands of entrepreneurs during the pandemic.

Through the platform you can pay for services in Ecuador from anywhere in the world, pay with a virtual wallet, buy PayPal balances, display products or services in the marketplace, monetize payments between Ecuador and the United States, among others. Likewise, in August, Pagar e $ Fácil opened its capital to attract investors and obtain greater resources that will allow it to consolidate operations throughout the American continent and later in Europe, Asia and India, and to cover the expansion plan it has for other markets.

Payment of services from abroad

Today, more than two hundred companies can access payment from anywhere in the world. Thus, with Pagar e $ Fácil , migrant residents of the United States, Spain, Italy and other parts of the world can cancel the services of water, electricity, telephony, internet, schools or universities directly to the supplier companies.

“It is very helpful and uncomplicated; It has been easy for me to bring in my funds from the applications I work for. It is a very good tool, and its collaborators assist in any doubt at the right moment, with excellent attention”, details Yajaira Boya, who is already enjoying the benefits.

Monetize PayPal balances

Pagar e $ Fácil is not only a payment application, but a whole financial ecosystem that allows you to collect, sell and pay with credit and with debit cards and soon with cryptocurrencies. This digital tool offers the possibility of bringing PayPal balances and paying for services in Ecuador from the rest of the world through the mobile application or from any computer; Operations that can also be carried out via WhatsApp or Telegram.

Online store and location map

Pagar e $ Fácil users have an online store at no cost to display their offer of products or services, additionally, for physical points of sale there is the possibility of being included in the map of stores, which gives customers members the ability to be quickly located by potential customers.

“My experience earning money with Pagar e $ Fácil has been satisfactory. From the first week working as an affiliate, I got to have exponential benefits. It is very pleasant to know that this Ecuadorian company offers several options to undertake! ”, Says Robert Andrés Sandoval.

Pagar e $ Fácil Internationalization

Pagar e $ Fácil is an enterprise that has its headquarters in Miami, FL; It operates in Ecuador through an associated company; thus, it also has companies in Lima and Panama; It will soon start operations in Colombia and Chile.

Part of its success, apart from its innovative proposal, is that the company complies with the strictest security protocols to transact, so that it has PCI-DSS L3 certification, it encrypts its transactions in IOTA, known as the new blockchain, additionally it is in the Google cloud; in fact, it was awarded as an architecture case study for Fintech by this company.

In addition, it complies with the US Patriot Act, in which it undertakes to know its customers and users, so as to discourage the use by people related to money laundering, terrorism, political corruption, drug trafficking or crime, to as a result, as of September of this year, it implemented the mandatory biometric verification of all its users.

Affiliate program

With the intention of generating income among the people who introduce new users, Pagar e $ Fácil created its affiliate program that rewards financially with $ 2.00 (two dollars) for each validated and biometrically verified user, in addition to paying 0.5% for the transactionality of them. This promotional tool is used by the world’s greats such as Amazon, Lufthansa, Nike, Adidas, Macy’s, etc.

Xavier Béjar Guerrero is an affiliate and details that as a user of Pagar e $ Fácil, “I have many advantages: security in transactions, immediate attention to inquiries, lower rates, the marketplace, and also earn money for recommending entrepreneurs like me to what benefit from using the platform. The commissions went directly to my local bank account. 100% recommended”.

Great acceptance in the market

Due to all the advantages it offers, Pagar e $ Fácil continues to grow and currently has one hundred and thirty thousand registered users, mainly from Ecuador, however, as of 2022 it will gradually expand its coverage to the rest of Latin America from its headquarters in Miami, FL

Free and paid version

Pagar e $ Fácil has two versions:

  • Free version.
  • Paid version, allows you to save more than 50% of the transactional cost, in addition to receiving the money faster

Until December 31, 2021, the paid version or Premium Plan will cost $ 25.00 per year

In this way, Pagar e $ Fácil becomes an excellent alternative to charge remotely, pay for services, display offers, promote yourself or simply do business, all in a single application with global reach, sign up now!