The export sector will receive support to counteract the delicate situation that in more than ten days of national strike has represented losses of more than $40 million.

Contecon announced that it will extend the free storage time by 40% for containerized cargo exports transiting the terminal from three to seven days.

This aid comes from Contecon Guayaquil SA (CGSA), concessionaire of the Libertador Simón Bolívar port, which announced that it will extend the free storage time by 40% for containerized cargo exports that transit through the terminal from three to seven days. 85% of the country’s non-oil cargo circulates through the port of Guayaquil.

Last Tuesday, the Ecuadorian Federation of Exporters (Fedexpor) indicated that the export sector at the national level had already accumulated losses of more than $27 million and a day later the damage exceeded $40 million, according to Julio José Prado, Minister of Production. , Foreign Trade, Investments and Fishing.

One of the sectors that suffers the most impact from the mobilizations is the flower industry. Last Wednesday, the company Naranjo Roses assured that for every day that flowers are not exported, the sector loses the ability to pay 3,000 collaborators, that at the national level the economic losses left by the strike are equivalent to 500,000 salaries and that for every $10 which are sold in flowers, $6 goes to peasant families. There are 200,000 people from the countryside who live from floriculture.

From the Corporation of Exporters Guilds (Cordex) it was reported that the banana, shrimp, cocoa and fishing sectors also accumulate losses. The cocoa grower, for example, adds about $11 million in lost profits due to the impossibility of exporting 4.5 tons of cocoa. The banana grower, for his part, has losses of around $20 million per week.

Meanwhile, the new measure announced by Contecon came into force on June 22 and will be in force until Sunday, July 3, 2022, the company reported, explaining that the initiative seeks to provide flexibility to exporting companies when planning their production. and transportation of goods to key points.

“In this way, Contecon Guayaquil SA contributes positively to Ecuador’s foreign trade logistics chain, joining forces with other actors in the sector,” said the firm. (YO)