Representatives of Frontera Capital Group, an international financial group with its main headquarters in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates and also in London and New York, visited Ecuador to explore possible projects and sectors in which this group could have business options.

Francisco Gordillo de García, Vicente Pons and Ignacio Morales, senior executives of Frontera Capital, participated last week in an official event to make known their interest in doing business in the country.

According to the company itself, Frontera Capital offers financing solutions tailored to national and sectional governments, as well as public and private entities as a fund, “but without the restrictions that banks have, which allows quick actions, previous feasibility and performance analysis carried out by the expert group”.

On the subject, Diego Burneo, former Biess manager and current member of the Siglocorp company that is in charge of structuring investment projects, explained that Ecuador has aroused interest in this group, especially at a time when the government of President Guillermo Lasso seeks to attract at least $ 30 billions of private investment.

Frontera Capital Group’s resources belong to its own partners and specialized funds that target emerging markets in which they identify investment opportunities in sovereign and sub-sovereign financing needs, as well as in sustainable and renewable energy projects in hydraulic, photovoltaic, and energy projects. social housing and efficient use of water to work the projects adequately and with sustainability. Part of these investment funds are in Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

Burneo explained that within the work agenda in Ecuador they met with representatives of the national government, the Municipality of Quito and entities such as the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS), the National Financial Corporation (CFN), the BEDE, the ministries of Production and Agriculture, as well as with Celec and with private sectors linked to biotechnology, among others.

For the international group, the current conditions offered by Ecuador allow this approach, especially in aspects related to legal certainty and positive macroeconomic prospects, which enhances the natural and strategic conditions of the country.

Frontera Capital Group arrives in Ecuador through the management of García Management, a company with headquarters in Miami and Madrid and associations in other countries in the region, specialists, among other topics, in the search for industrial, agricultural and public works projects in America and the Caribbean. and its financing through international and national financial institutions, and Siglocorp, an Ecuadorian company specialized in project structuring.

Two years ago, Siglocorp also presented the consortium Energlobal Sistemas de Refinación, a partnership between KBR and Energlobal Investment Group, interested in managing the administration of the current Esmeraldas refinery. On the subject, Burneo said that the project continues to advance, since it has already been defined as in the public interest. Additionally, he commented that the current Government is analyzing the conditions in which it was being carried out, to ratify or modify it, as it deems necessary. (I)