As of June 15, the rate of 42 dollars paid by packages that enter the country under the 4 × 4 system will no longer be charged.

Since June, a fee of 42 dollars will no longer be charged for packages imported with the 4 × 4 system

The Foreign Trade Committee (Comex) decided to eliminate this rate for this type of parcel that enters by express mail.

Daniel Legarda, Vice Minister of Commerce, confirmed this Wednesday morning that the measure was approved and is ongoing for publication in the Official Gazette.

The 4 × 4 system is known as such because the packages to be classified in that category must have a weight less than or equal to four kilograms and their FOB value is less than or equal to 400 dollars.

Under this system you can bring items for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

The collection of the tax of 42 dollars began to be applied from September 7, 2014 in the case of online purchases made with expedited or courier messaging services.

The modality allowed the development of this type of online shopping abroad. Many buy online and seek the services of couriers to bring the product. Even couriers offer procurement and shipping advice.

The 4 × 4 is a mechanism chosen to bring perfumes, technological items, accessories.

Currently, Ecuadorians residing in the country who make purchases via the internet under category B (4 × 4) can only use this category for up to five (5) imports or a maximum of 1,200 dollars of FOB value, each fiscal year, which happen first.

The National Customs Service has authorized 55 companies to operate under the customs regime of express mail or courier. Most of them are concentrated in Guayas (20) and Pichincha (28). (I) note/