The protagonist of films such as 10, the perfect woman, Orca, Fantasies, A change of seasons, Tarzan the ape man and Bolero, the American actress Bo Derek, was appointed as Tourist Ambassador of Ecuador, in recognition of her contribution to publicize the country’s tourist benefits on an international scale.

The American actress Bo Derek received in Guayaquil the designation of Tourism Ambassador of Ecuador by the Minister of Tourism Niels Olsen.

The designation was delivered by the Minister of Tourism, Niels Olsen.

Derek, who gained notoriety in 1979 with 10, the perfect woman; and for which she was nominated for the Golden Globes awards, she had a meeting with Olsen in Guayaquil. During the meeting, the Ecuadorian ambassador to the United States, Ivonne Baki, with whom she is linked by a long-standing friendship relationship, was also present. In fact, the times they have visited the country they have done so at the invitation of Baki, together they have been working on environmental issues for 20 years.

The actress, who belongs to the Foundation for the Conservation of the Galapagos, is recognized for supporting various environmental campaigns on the islands, and that is why the document delivered highlights ” the invaluable contribution she has made to tourism and the promotion of Ecuador in the international community ”.

The designation of Tourism Ambassador was granted within the framework of the month of the reactivation of Galapagos, and was an opportunity to publicize the promotional campaign Breathe Again / Vuelve a respirar , which invites travelers to visit the Galapagos Islands, a destination open, full of nature and with sustainability.

Meanwhile, Olsen, on Monday night, clarified the appointment of Bo Derek on his Twitter account and the Breathe Again / Breathe campaign did not represent any cost to the country.

Olsen said he needed the information because of “legitimate concerns of some people.” He added that the campaign already has 1 million impressions.