Following the statements of the Secretary of State of the United States (USA), Antony Blinken , on China’s investments in other countries, on the afternoon of this Tuesday, October 19, at the Carondelet Palace; the Chinese Embassy in Ecuador described these assertions as “erroneous” and pointed out that the government of that country “abuses its national power to restrict companies from other countries.”

Chen Feng, commercial counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Ecuador.

The release of a little more than a page begins by explaining the Chinese economic model. “China applies a socialist market economy, which allows the market to play a decisive role in allocating resources, so that the government can also play a better role. China’s industrial and credit policies are directive, not prescriptive. China’s macro-control policies correspond to all the provisions of the World Trade Organization. With these evidences, it can be said that the accusations of the US side against the Chinese side, during the press conference, are unfounded”.

Then, he criticizes the US economy and says that the government of that country interferes in it and abuses its power, under the principle of “America First.”

Ironically, the US says it represents a free market economy; But, in fact, the US government has never stopped maintaining state interference. For example, in areas such as the Internet, biotechnology, and shale gas development, the US government has supported these programs with massive public investment to lead their growth. To guarantee the principle of “America First”, the US government abuses its national power to restrict, by any means, companies from other countries, including those that belong to its allies, “the statement said.

The embassy adds that China always cooperates with all countries on the basis of equality, mutual benefit, reciprocity and shared profit. “We are convinced that all countries have the wisdom to make their own judgments and will make decisions based on the merits of the matter itself that better benefit their people and their companies.”

“As comprehensive strategic partners, China and Ecuador have achieved fruitful cooperation in all fields since the establishment of diplomatic relations, bringing tangible benefits to the two peoples. We are convinced that, under the leadership of the two leaders and with the 2 joint efforts of all sectors of both parties, the future of Sino-Ecuadorian cooperation will be bright and promising, “the statement concludes.

In statements in Carondelet on Tuesday, October 19, Blinken expressed that the United States’ relationship with Ecuador is not defined by any third country, but that countries that negotiate with China must be careful with investments in sensitive areas because “ unfortunately ”, in the case of China, there is no separation between private companies and the State, when it comes to human rights, privacy and security this can be a great challenge and it is necessary to have the necessary scrutiny so that the host country and its people are protected. (I)