A significant percentage of travelers who travel around the world do so without company. And of that group, women are the majority.

Motivating female travelers to visit Ecuador and taking preventive measures into account is the purpose for which the “Recommendations Guide for female travelers and +” was developed.

Data from the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV) refer that 65% of people who travel alone are women and that is a trend that is increasing.

Ecuador wants to be ready to serve that niche and for that it has taken an important step: creating a guide for women who travel alone. The idea of ​​this guide was to generate a useful instrument, with recommendations, preventive advice, security measures and other data that allow a better stay.

The document was baptized as a guide “Recommendations for women travelers and +”. It was generated in the Ministry of Tourism, within the framework of the Violence Free Days.

The Ministry indicated that the objective is “to motivate world travelers to visit Ecuador and take into account at the time of their journey the preventive measures that contribute to making their experience in the country pleasant and safe.”

The particularity of this guide is that it was built with the technical support of various public and private institutions. And beyond being just a tourist tool, it tries to promote equity, non-discrimination and non-violence against women.

This has a section with specific recommendations for vulnerable groups: LGBTIQ +, pregnant women, people with disabilities and girls, boys and adolescents.

Gabriela Suárez, Director of Protection for the User of Tourist Services, explained that the guide represents for the Ministry of Tourism an important milestone for the integration of society in a safe, inclusive and non-discriminatory environment.

With translation into English and French, the guide can be downloaded with a QR code that will be placed at strategic points nationwide. In its first phase, with the support of Quiport, it will be promoted for download on the screens of different rooms at the Mariscal Sucre airport, in the city of Quito.

Luis Galárraga, Manager of Press and Communication of Quiport, pointed out that it is essential to have a guide as valuable as the one generated by the Ministry of Tourism, which “reflects the interest of the country because our visitors enjoy the wonders of the country and its people with security”.

This initiative had the contribution of the Embassy of Canada in Ecuador for its translation. Jonathan Boisseau, Canadian Consul in Ecuador, ratified his support for the guide, given that tourism safety and issues that guarantee women’s rights are a priority for his nation, and, in addition, Canadians have Ecuador as one of your favorite destinations to visit. (I)