The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) began this Friday, July 1, the Seed Project, which with a budget of $14 million includes the subsidy of certified seeds, phytosanitary supplies and fertilizers for producers of bananas, rice, corn, potatoes , coffee, cocoa, banana, beans, pepper, tree tomato, avocado and other fruits.

The agricultural packages will be delivered according to the number of hectares that the producer has registered in the MAG database.

The plan, which also includes urea, will benefit more than 20,000 small and medium-sized producers, during the 2022 summer cycle, said the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Bernardo Manzano, who explained that producers must be registered on the MAG platform, through the district offices of each province.

“If the farmer is registered and meets the requirements, the copayment is made (the beneficiary will only pay between 30 and 50% of the commercial value) and the package is immediately delivered,” he explained.

He added that in order to obtain the subsidized packages, the producer registered with the MAG must go to the nearest supply store authorized by the ministry, and ask the storekeeper to verify online if they are registered for the corresponding production cycle.

The warehouse verifies in the online system, for which it requires full names and identity card as qualifying documents; make the query.

If the producer is not registered, no operation is generated and it will be reported to the field technicians for subsequent verification and inclusion in the database.

Meanwhile, if it is registered, the system returns detailed information on the number of hectares declared by the beneficiary and registered for planting and the packages corresponding to this area. (YO)