The so-called Black Friday (November 26) is coming, so many will take the opportunity to purchase items for personal use or to give as gifts for the Christmas festivities.

Many prefer to purchase products abroad to bring them by courier or expedited courier services.

Although the sales season has also been implemented by local businesses, many prefer to purchase products abroad to bring them by expedited courier services or courier.

Currently bringing products that are located in category B of the customs system, under the 4×4 system, have the advantage that they no longer pay the $ 42 tax, which had been established since September 7, 2014. Now 4×4 users They only pay the freight and taxes derived from the same purchase in the store.

The 4×4 system is known as such because packages to be classified in that category must have a weight less than or equal to 4 kilograms and their FOB value is less than or equal to 400 dollars. Under this system you can bring items for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

List of courier companies authorized by Customs

Under the 4×4 mode, items such as clothing, footwear, creams, perfumes, vitamins, household items, tablets and electronic games, etc. are generally imported. Laptops can even be brought in, although these must be within specification.

In the case of cell phones and smartwatches with a chip slot, they cannot be included in this category. Also, category B does not allow bringing alcoholic beverages, used parts, decoders, animals, cash, jewelry, pornography, weapons, advertising materials, fuel, explosives, perishable goods.

Food products, as well as vitamin supplements that exceed the weight and value of the category in question will require the presentation of a sanitary registration from the Ministry of Health for their nationalization.

More than 600,000 packages are imported annually under the 4×4 system, according to Customs data. This represents imports in excess of $ 65 million a year. (I)